Raleigh is currently undergoing a reform of its code and development regulations. The review of the new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is in progress, and will take effect in about a year.

A major component of the ordinance is allowing* for accessory dwellings (ADUs), or backyard cottages (BYCs). There are existing accessory dwellings in historic neighborhoods, but new construction of these dwellings is currently not permitted. Reintroducing accessory dwellings as a housing type will have many benefits to the renter, the owner, and the greater Raleigh community.

Though you cannot construct an accessory dwelling today, you can get started today if you understand current and proposed regulations.*


*Future regulations are currently under review. The implementation of backyard cottages (BYCs) into the UDO is uncertain. Please follow the News page for current updates on the discussion.

This website is a continuously evolving project, and online resource for the Raleigh Community. If you would like to contribute to this public resource, please contact me

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